Motorists look out – schools out for summer

As school children flee the classroom for the summer holidays, the risk of them being killed on Great Britain’s roads in an accident is now 62% lower than in 2000.

This is great to hear and, in fact, casualty rates are reducing across the board – not just among children – according to the Department for Transport (DfT), which reported its 2013 road injury and fatality statistics in June. The figures are the lowest recorded since records began:

  • Killed: 1,713 (down by 2% from 2012)
  • Serious: 21,657 (down by 6% from 2012)
  • Slight: 160,300 (down by 6% from 2012).

Where children aged 0-15 are concerned, the reduction rates are higher, with 9% fewer casualties recorded and a decrease of 13% seriously injured or killed. Forty-eight children were killed in 2013, compared with 61 in 2012. 

Let’s hope that next year’s data shows even more improvement as driver and pedestrian road safety awareness increases and vehicle technology aids a reduction of accidents.

Vision has busiest ever month for credit and intervention hire

Vision Vehicle Solutions, which provides replacement vehicles to motorists involved in road traffic accidents, had its best ever month on record in April and it looks as though May is set to yield similar results as the month-end approaches.

What to do if you’re hit by an uninsured driver

Accidents caused by an uninsured or ‘hit and run’ driver can leave victims feeling shaken, angry and frustrated. Knowing what actions to take post-accident and how to proceed with any claims will help reduce the stress caused if you are ever involved in this type of incident.


After any accident, you should gain as much information as possible from the other driver, assuming they stop. Take pictures of any damage and the location, ask any witnesses for their details and note down the time and date. If you have any suspicions that the driver may not be insured, call the police. With the information you gather about the other driver, your own insurer will establish if the other party is insured. Where the other motorist is at fault and you have their details, contact Vision or a similar company, who will follow up the claim on your behalf. If the other driver is found to be uninsured, the claim may be referred to the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) to review. MIB is a non-profit-making company set up and funded by motor insurers that has a compensation scheme in place to help people involved in collisions with uninsured drivers.

Hit and run

If your car is hit by a motorist who then speeds off, it is likely they are uninsured or have another reason for not stopping.  Do not attempt to follow them but do try to make a note of the car make, model and registration plate. Write down the date, time and location, and take pictures if you can. Look around to see if anyone else might also have witnessed the accident and ask for their details, as this will help prove the facts. File a report with the police as soon as you can and notify your insurance company, who can establish the owner and insurer of the vehicle and if it is insured, as well as advise the best course of action.

The MIB again can help as above, although the process could be handled differently as you may not have the same level of evidence to support your claim. Visit for more information.

Roadworks lifted for Easter

Ahead of the Easter weekend, the Highways Agency has decided to suspend a majority of its roadworks. This means 98% of England’s motorways and major A roads will be roadwork free to enable clearer journeys over the bank holiday.

No doubt this news will be music to motorists’ ears as many have their fingers crossed for undisrupted travel.

Seven out of 10 roadworks will be cleared by the Easter weekend – a period referred to a busy or peak time for cars on the country’s roads. With more vehicles, however, there is the potential for more accidents. 

Vision Managing Director, Martin Wills, says: “The Highways Agency’s decision to pause many of its roadworks will certainly aid the flow of traffic. However, drivers should still be aware that they could face disruption owing to traffic accidents as there is always a heightened risk of collisions owing to increased traffic during public holidays. We often see a rise in non-fault accidents at Easter.”

A non-fault accident is when someone is involved in a road traffic incident that was not their fault but was caused by another driver.

To report a non-fault claim to Vision contact 0800 08 555 08. Vision will progress the claim on your behalf and reclaim any costs from the at-fault party’s insurer.

Vision explains ‘black box’ insurance

‘Pay how you drive’ insurance is one of the hottest trends in the industry and is often also referred to as telematics or ‘black box’ insurance. It offers motorists a more personalised policy.

Premiums of this nature are based on how, when and where a vehicle is being used and, according to the Association of British Insurers, are ‘more tailored to the users of a vehicle than is possible with a traditional motor insurance policy’.

This type of policy relies on GPS computer technology provided by the insurer, usually in the form of a small box fitted in a vehicle, which records key data about how a vehicle is being driven including, for example, cornering and braking patterns, speeds and road types driven on. Insurers then look at this data to assess the driver’s performance and, along with traditional factors such as age, occupation, vehicle type and claims history, use it to set the premium.

Telematics give motorists the means to prove they drive safety and they are rewarded for this by a lower policy rate in contrast to those who are deemed ‘less safe’. More traditional motor insurance is based on the ‘average’ driver style.

Drivers who usually benefit most from pay as you drive can insurance are those classed as high risk. These include young or new drivers as well as those who have a low annual mileage.

Not all insurers offer telematics but it is becoming increasingly popular as cost conscious motorists look for the best deals to keep costs down. 

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