Would you feel comfortable driving into the unknown?

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Car accidents are nothing new, however the number of claims being blamed on GPS malfunctions is a modern, and worryingly increasing trend. A sat nav should provide us with a route that fills us with faith and confidence. But what happens when these directions are wrong?

According to a survey compiled by car insurance specialists Zenith Insurance, 26% of drivers  do not feel confident reaching an unknown destination without reliance on a Satellite navigation system. Furthermore, 79.7% of those surveyed use either their own, or friends, GPS tool when driving to places they hadn’t previously visited.

Five years ago it was estimated that over 300,000 UK car crashes were related to Satellite navigation systems, however no other major research has been conduced to date. The current figure sits somewhere within ’a low percentage’ but stats from Zenith Insurance could be deemed as concerning.

To some drivers, sat navs could be seen as an aid of preventing accidents by reducing confusion, anxiety and shortening journeys, although there is no evidence either way to support this.

Sat navs certainly provide their benefits, particularly in what can be frustrating times on the road. However, always be wary not to become robotic and follow instructions to the letter - if it says turn right, but a wall obstructs your route, do not drive into the wall!

Always keep your eyes on the road and give yourself plenty of time by slowing your speed when approaching a next turning. GPS systems are designed to keep drivers on the road and with the correct care and precaution, they become valuable tools.

Have you been involved in an accident as a result of a GPS device, or know of someone who has? Are you one of the 79.9% of drivers dependant on a sat nav when driving to an unknown destination?

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