Are you prepared for winter?

Winter road


Record-breaking snow is predicted this winter so drivers beware. Make sure you reduce the risk of being in an accident and read our handy tips that will ensure your car and you are prepared for any weather.

Simple checks:

  • Use anti-freeze. Anti-freeze is cheap but by adding it to the engine cooling system it can prevent cold from causing your engine to crack.  Use 50/50 with water but check you use the right one for your vehicle.

  • Check for chips. If your car has a windscreen chip, get it fixed before it turns into a crack. Cracks can result in an MOT failure and replacement glass, which can be costly. Repairs will most likely be free through your motor insurance and will not count as a claim.

  • Top up. Fill your washer bottle regularly and check it sprays correctly. An empty washer bottle could result in a fine and points on your driving licence. Never use washing-up liquid as it damages wiper blades and can leave a film on your windscreen.

  • Tyre check. In the UK winter tyres account for less than 1 percent of annual tyre sales. This is largely due to a belief that winter tyres are designed for the sole purpose of snowy and icy conditions. However, this belief is misplaced as winter tyres can effectively increase safety in an abundance of wintery conditions. Visit Zenith Insurance for a more detailed post.

  • Wipe-out bad wipers. Check your windscreen wipers are in good condition as rubber deteriorates over time when exposed to the atmosphere. Bad wipers can scratch your vehicle’s glass when moving. Do not pull them off an icy windscreen, as the rubber on the blade will tear.

  • Tread carefully. It is illegal to have tyres with a tread depth lower than 1.6mm across three quarters of the width and the tyre’s circumference. The more tread, the better grip and braking capability you will have.

Things to have in the car:

  • Warm clothing and blankets
  • First aid kit
  • Water and snacks
  • De-icer and ice scraper
  • Snow chains
  • Spare tyre
  • Spare bulbs

Do you have any tips or recommendations yourself? Please share them with us by commenting below.


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