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Vision supplies BMW X5 to replace smashed jeep

“When my neighbour smashed into my 4x4 it couldn’t have come at worse time as I was due to move my horse that weekend and had no car to pull my trailer and move all my stuff. I knew if I called my insurance company I’d have been given a small car which would have been no good to me.

“A friend recommended Vision so I made one call to them and they took it from there. They gave me a BMW X5 with a tow bar so I didn’t have to be inconvenienced in any way. The move took place and I had just as much room in the vehicle as I would have done in my jeep. It’s a fantastic service – there is no catch if the accident wasn’t your fault.”
March 2015

Freak accident leaves business in need of van

“Not only were two of my installers injured in a freak accident where a scaffolding pole smashed through their van at speed but the at-fault driver was unaware of his load spilling on the motorway and drove on.

“Vision was brilliant – they provided a like-for-like replacement van while I ensured my employees got medical treatment. Thankfully both of them were ok but the van was a write- off. Using Vision meant I didn’t have to pay for the replacement vehicle, and I remained in the vehicle up to 7 days after I received a settlement cheque. Without Vision’s help it could have been a very different story.”
March 2015


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